05 July 2021

Summer Jam 2021 Week 7: Beat the Heat with these Heat Beats

This summer has been an odd one so far. There just doesn't really seem to be any major shake-ups with the top tracks so far. It's just kind of...more of the same. I keep checking multiple sources and everyone seems content in their zone, without much huge debuts or huge fall-offs so far. It's still fun to jam on these hot jams tho, spread them on your toast and shove them down your gullet!

"I am the Stripclub" by Iggy Azalea

Make no doubt about it, folks - there is no redeeming part of this song. The beat is pedestrian, the video is uninspired, and Iggy's vocals are serviceable while not being super engaging. It's not a good song by any mark. I wanted to put it here because it's not popular, and also...is Iggy doing blackface here? She's always done black voice, did she get a tan and a black hair dye job to complete the Rachel Dolezal illusion? Also, is she aping "Montero" with the gay chic dancers? I guess normalization of this stuff is cool. But watching this feels a little like how much Target is into Pride. She has Summer Jam Royalty in her blood, but I hate to say that Iggy is probably done. Oof.

Yeah, I haven't really included "Levitating" that much because it is seriously CRAZY old, but...folks, this is still a thing. It's got great radio play and currently #3 on both Spotify and Billboard. Honestly, I still dig it, too. It really hasn't met that hotness freshness criteria so integral to be honoured here, but whatever, it's clearly still in the conversation and deserves to be acknowledged.

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