04 July 2011

The Long Halloween Vol. II: Independence Day

Welcome once again Ladies and Gentlemen to The Long Halloween, our year-long look at the greatest Holiday movies food and activities. We come now to Summer's Golden Weekend, the Fourth of July, America's Birthday, Independence Day, and it's a really easy one.

Independence Day Movies: Independence Day

Watch Independence Day (1996). It's always easy when there's an explicit Holiday movie like this. Reminiscent of Valentine's Day (2010) really. But this really is a great patriotic if not jingoistic movie that should get you pumped up for America. As the 4th is also a day of explosions, any film in which a bunch of stuff blows up is also good viewing, meaning that just about any Michael Bay flick will do.

Independence Day is a good one though, it's loud, brash, arrogant with just a touch of heart and some booty squeezing at the end. Just like America! Really if you get through the 4th Weekend (which by the way this year has been awesome because the Holiday basically started on the 1st) without catching this on TNT sometime, something's wrong with you. "Welcome to Earth!" Haha oh Willy. Other than that the day really isn't a whole lot different than Memorial Day or Flag Day, just watch something American dag nabbit.

Fourth of July Music:

Anybody want to crank some "Firework?" Does that work? No, not really at all. Just like movies, the best Independence Day music is loud, mean, crazy and American. I'd crank some Boss or Molly Hatchet or just about any Southern Rock will do. I think really generic stuff is better here. Skynyrd should hold a special place in our hearts this weekend as well as the Allman Brothers or .38 Special. Seger, Petty, Cougar, there's actually a lot of genuine American Music out there. Crank the Heartland Rock baby. Wow, I never listen to this crap.

National Explosion Day Activities:

I love how the prototypical American holiday is really a throwback to Blue Collar culture. Grab a hot dog and a Budweiser, take the folding chair onto the lawn and get some sun, brother. As dusk sets on get some Fireworks, I know you have some laying around (of if you're living in one of the 46 states where the shit is legal go buy some) and blow up a small part of this country that we love so much. Fireworks Store sales are ridiculous on the day of and it's always easy to get something crazy for relatively cheap. Make sure the beer is flowing and let's see how many hot dogs Joey Chestnut can eat. I love this Holiday.

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