29 January 2012

The Long Halloween Vol. III: National Puzzle Day

Hello once again and welcome back to the third year of The Long Halloween, a year-long look at the greatest ways to celebrate the Holidays of the year. January is full of special days such as New Year's Day, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, and Black Monday. Today though, we're celebrating a much more stupid, obscure January Holiday. Today of course, its National Puzzle Day. That's right. It's time to do some puzzles. Now, there are plenty of puzzling movies you may want to watch today like Da Da Vinci Code (2006) or National Treasure (2004) or something, but there is one big movie that is all about mazes and puzzles that makes for the perfect outlet for the puzzling mind this day:


That's right. Today it's time to watch Chris Nolan's Inception (2010) and let the puzzles flow. This can be considered one of the better big-budget, high-profile releases in years and it's also got plenty of intellectual thinking points to twist a brain around. The basis for the flick is mazes and puzzles, which are continuously elaborated upon, even thematically in a sense of story, plot, and characters.

There really aren't enough memes for this movie, though. Really, not enough. This is the truest puzzle of them all - to figure out how to twist ridiculous pictures like the squinty Leo or the strutting Leo into ironic juxtapositions that provide a commentary on either story or contemporary morays.

So you have a choice today. You can either pick up a jigsaw puzzle and attempt to put that together or just put Inception in the VCR. Jigsaw puzzles are pretty terrible. Who wants to waste an afternoon doing that? Not I said the Bry. A puzzle within a dream within a movie within an afternoon - that's the kind of life I'd want to lead. Just let that fucking top fall.

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