16 March 2017


Inconceivably, we're already at the Sweet 16 portion of this unending tournament. As you get your NCAA brackets in today, also vote for this crap! Three-quarters of the eligible badasses have been kicked out in shame and disgrace by you, the people (I can't believe you would do that to poor BraveStarr), and we have just eight match-ups of the cream of the crop here, now!

These include such delectable fights as:

Punisher vs. Prince
Quint vs. Snake Eyes
Patton vs. Shaq

and the best, underdog Cinderella of the year - McBain vs. Aragorn! What the hell

These are loafers.
You got a week. Get some votes in.

Sherwood Division - taking place in Sherwood Forest, England.
LV-426 Division - live from the failed mining colony!
Z-City Division - straight out of the city of monsters!
Green Place Division - battling it out in the fake desert oasis!

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