03 March 2017

2017 March Badassness is Upon Us!

Well folks, it's time once again to have a big stupid tournament to decide who the most badass character in pop culture is. Now, since this is the third year in a row of doing this, we're obviously scraping the barrel here. We've burned through the first 128 obvious choices and are therefore left with mostly pulp heroes and pro wrestlers. IRREGARDLESS - vote as much as you can over the next week to see who moves on to the Round of 32!

Sherwood Division - taking place in Sherwood Forest, England.
LV-426 Division - live from the failed mining colony!
Z-City Division - straight out of the city of monsters!
Green Place Division - battling it out in the fake desert oasis!

Vote all month long!

2015 Winner: Han Solo
2016 Winner: Buffy Summers

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