17 December 2011

The Long Halloween Vol. III: National Maple Syrup Day

Hello folks once again to the third installment of The Long Halloween, Norwegian Morning Wood's annual monthly look at special holiday viewing for the more festive days of the year. Now, in years past I have divulged the best things to watch on Thanksgiving or Christmas or what-have-you, but that was getting pretty stale. This is the Obscure Edition, where we'll go over the best stuff to do on the most random holidays we can think of.

Today, December 17th, is National Maple Syrup Day. You know what that means - it's time to drink Maple Syrup as fast as you can:

That's about the best I got. Using your big brown lips, wrap your mouth around that bottle, relax the throat and let it slide down your gullet. Naturally there is plenty more to do with Syrup than chug it. You could fill up a swimming pool and take a dip, use it for sensual lotion with your lover, or even put a little in your hair to get that special extra sparkle.

Other than Super Troopers (2001), any Canadian film will do really. I'd call the Canadian High Mark Strange Brew (1983), but anything with hockey, beavers, or well...maple syrup will do. It's time to get sticky, folks. This is obviously the most important and fun December Holiday ever.

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