02 July 2012

Summer Jam Week 8: Maroon 5 lines it up for the 4th

Once again folks it's time to count down the hot Summer Jam tracks of the week. Is this Independence Day Weekend? Or is it next weekend? The Amazing Spider-Man (2012) comes out on Tuesday...what does that tell us? Anyway, all summer long we're tallying up the jammiest songs with the final goal of determining WHO is the greatest Champion of Summer. Let's get started:

Hot Track of the Week: "Whistle" by Flo Rida

Florida just wants some more releasing another Hot Jam of the Week. Now, none of his other Summer Songs have really done all that well, but this one could certainly catch on. It's a smooth track, even with Flo Rida asking girls (presumably) to put their lips together close and blow his whistle. He's never really been one for subtly, anyway. This is a cool song, though, and since Flo Rida is always better in Summer it may catch.

The Step Beyond Visioneers: "Hey Ho" by The Lumineers

Our groovy folk-type rock of the week, The Lumineers come in with a modest track that fits well with the lazy summer afternoon. They're getting to be another hot up and coming band but that field is getting a tad crowded with the rising stock of plenty of Mumford & Son-type bands. They all don't have a thing on the Sheepdogs and their Ryan Dunn-lookalike singer, but that's another post.

Finally: "Little Talks" by Of Monsters and Men

This track has been around for a quite a while now, but it seems like it's finally caught on a bit. It's the kind of song I used to hear rarely on the radio and would cherish that moment, but now that moment is happening all the time. It's a delicate elegant song with a really cool video that does seem more fitting for a snowy night than a summer afternoon. Still, it's good for the moment.

Rap Stars Intersect: "The Recipe" by Kendrick Lamar ft. Dr. Dre

This is an interesting intersection. Kendrick Lamar may have one of the better flows of any rising rap star and Dre cemented his legend decades ago. They come together here and it's probably as close as we're going to get to a Detox album. Thanks, Dre. Still, this is an Ode to L.A. unparalleled in recent years (yes, even including you, Katy). L.A. Summer. 'Nuff said.

Boobs: "Wide Awake" by Katy Perry

Speaking of the woman who took pop back on behalf of brunettes, Katy's still rising with "Wide Awake" this week. It's one of her better songs, apart from both the pop and sap that has downgraded about all of her work of Teenage Dream. Her upcoming flick is being peddled everywhere though, and she ought to keep going up from here. She's Katy Perry, after all.

The 'do that Changed the World: "Boyfriend" by Justin Bieber

"Boyfriend" didn't do all that well this week, but we got to hand it to the Biebs who is now apparently the King of Mexico. And wouldn't the world be a better place if Justin Bieber was indeed the King of Mexico? His concert was huge - I didn't know Mexicans loved Justin Bieber this much, but hey, it's all good.

Downgraded Plan: "Call Me Maybe" by Carly Rae Jepsen

This song isn't really as hot, but people still think it is, so here it is. The immortal lyrics of "Call Me Maybe" have thoroughly situated themselves in the American Cultural Tapestry, and there's no going back. It's part of what makes this little jaunt so ridiculously catchy and easy to sing a long to. That's a winning recipe for success - even better than "The Recipe" (see above).

The New Pop Rock Kings: "Payphone" by Maroon 5

Maroon 5's album, Overexposed drops this week, and boy is it crap! It's a strong departure from some of their earlier styles, and even the name is a call to what Maroon 5 has become in the last few years: Fucking Overexposed. I'm not sure if The Voice has gone to Adam Levine's head or not, but this is a complete sell-out. I'm just glad I've never been a Maroon 5 fan, else I'd be even more disappointed that they've lost all of their earlier edge. Still, this is by none the Jam of the Week - now perhaps nothing more than an ode to losing your cell phone, but the track is here to stay.

Next Week...

Gotye came out with a new track this week, which is bloody awful. Will he prove to be a one-trick pony? It's the Independence Day Hangover week - anything can happen.

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