24 June 2012

The Long Halloween Vol. III - Graduation Day

Once again it's time for The Long Halloween - the year-long look at different holidays during each month of the year. June is kind of a bizarre holiday month, we've had plenty of Flag Day posts, and of course That's My Boy (2012) filled us with all kinds of paternal warmth this year. But around this time of June everyone is thinking of their precious little High School youths commencing and trotting off to college. So what's the best flick to watch during this end-of-school-year triumph? It's got to be Superbad (2007).

If not for Knocked Up (2007) we would have called Superbad THE secret hit of the Summer of 2007. It's a hilarious flick that has spawned plenty of other Teen Sexcapades as of late, like Sex Drive (2008), Fired Up! (2009), and Miss March (2009). Oh, it's an intriguing sub-genre to be sure. So how does Superbad shine where these falter? McLovin? The fantastic opening sequence?

More than just the eternal quest for Sex, though, Superbad is about commencement. It's the end of one phase of life and the beginning of another. More than just virgin / post-virgin phases (and of course, the only one to get laid is McLovin), the film is about changing friendships, relationships, and gaining new experiences. Yes, even if those experiences are running from the cops, crashing coke parties, or getting into hobo bus fights.

So that's why this is all about graduation. It's not only set in the proper season, but everything about the film is about dealing with the end of something you can't hold on to anymore. Despite their efforts, Jonah and Micheal must deal with putting High School behind them, which is bizarre because they aren't that popular. Still, they have fun in their own way and share a bond that they continue stress about breaking. Still, as they finish the wild night they have in Ceratops' basement they realise that final truth - that they can move into the next phase of life without destroying that bond.

Besides, who wouldn't want to bang Emma Stone instead of hanging out with Michael Cera for an afternoon. Happy Graduation High Schoolers, it's all downhill from here.

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